Rules Related To Fees

• Before getting admission in school, please read and understand these rules carefully. It is our duty to strictly follow the rules. Action can be the child while submitting the fees. Action can be the  taken on infringement.

There are four dates in one month of fees. (10, 15, 20, 25) If there is a holiday on these dates then the next day will be the date of submission of fees. The 25th of every month will be the last date for depositing the fees. If a parent collects the fees after 25, then that month’s fee will be given on the 10th of the following month

No fine will be made until the month of July. If you do not complete your dues till July, then the balance will be charged after the month of August by fine.

To deposit fees you will have to bring your fee card in. If fees are paid without fees, then your fees will not be credited. if your child  sensible then you can deposit to your our child

After depositing the fees, check the fees on your card
after checking the fees. The fees written on the card
will be considered, Fee will not be valid when you say

The time to deposit fees will be from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Fees will not be deposited before or after it.

To deposit fees, deposit the cashier sitting on the fees counter. Do not give to any other teacher or management committee member. School management will not be responsible for the disturbances in fees.

Come on in line to deposit fees. Fees will not be deposited in haste, Please do not complain about the child while submitting the fees. If you have to make a complaint then do not get the cashier from the principal.

If you have any past due, then deduct the first dues while depositing the fees. Then the fees will be deposited.

You will have to pay the paper fees In the month of August, November and February. Separate paper fees will not be valid In the month of May and June, the fees for the month of February and the months of February and March will be taken In February. You will have to deposit the last balance in February only. Only after the balance is deposited, the child will be placed in the paper and the resuft will be given.

The board fees or ceremony fees will be deposited In the month in which It will be consIdered. These fees will not be owed.