Just as strong rails are needed to handle a large roof. In the same way, good citizens are required to handle the country. And they are good citizens children who belong to the parents. Parents need a lot of facilities to make the children a good citizen. MBS EDUCATION ACADEMY SCHOOL is trying to provide good facilities to children and  parents, which do not hinder children’s spiritual and mental development.

Vehicle facility-

Vehicle facility is provided to bring your children to school. If the
respondents want children to use the vehicle facility then they will have to write a letter and give it to the school. In which the name of the child, and the name of the receiver should be typed. Which
will provide him the vehicle facility Vehicle fees will be stored separately which will be calculated according to the kilometers. For more information Contact at school management.

A.C Class Rooms-

In view of the mental developmert of the children, the Institution has built open and airy rooms. in these rooms the child’s mind starts studying. Rooms have AC and Wings arranged properly Arrangements have been made for the children to sit in. The chair and table for small children have been arranged.

Smart Classes-

In this school, the education is not imposed on the child. Instead, try to apply the child’s mind in studies. Many children are weak in remembering. They can not remember the thing told by the teacher. Such children specialize in remembering and seeing a story running in a TV. Smart rooms have been built in the school keeping a special eye on such children. These classes are lasers from computer projectors and screens etc. With a help of computer and projector, a film is chlai to explain the topic of any topic by which the child easily misses that film. They do not have too much problem in remembering, but children are encouraged to teach children of Nursery class towards their studies, and interest in their studies through cartoon films is increased. The organization gives more attention to hands-on learning. Less homework With more studies, children are happy to read.

Computer Lab-

Institution is providing free computer education to the children according to the central government’s instructions. There is no charge for children in the name of computer. The institution has a good lab as well as a computer system. In the sight of computer masters, children are provided computor education. Due to the era of today’s computer science, children are taught basic education as well as Tally, Photoshop and Internet.

Science Lab

In today’s era there is more scope towards science. But enough children are afraid of the name of science. Keeping this in view, the school has arranged a hi-tech lab, mainly because the children do not understand the subject of science. By which children are shown using the experiment and the ease of the topic children is easily understood.

Confrance hall

The school has its conference hall. In which there is material to explain the children. Here the teachers are given training from time to time with the help of experts. The new new seminar is organized. By which teachers learn new techniques of education. .

Play ground

Children develop mental development through sports. And the children are healthy. Because of having their playground near the school, they do not have to face any trouble playing. Swings etc. were arranged for the play of small children.

Power management-

There is a whole system of lights in the class room for children. The school has a generator system when the electricity goes out, which does not interfere with the education of children when electricity goes out.

Social Service, Tourism and Awareness Campaign-

Attempts are made to keep children from time to time and social activities and to make people aware. By which he became a good citizen of the society. Awareness campaign was organized by the students to make people aware so that the responsibilities of children’s society are realized. And there is also the courage to raise voice against evils in society. To provide more information related to the subject, tourism has been arranged from time to time. Children visit many historical sites.

Complaint and suggestion register

If you want to make a complaint or suggestion about your child, you can file your complaint or suggestion in the complaint register with the employee. After the complaint has been filed, you will be given the complaint number. You will have to enter your mobile number and name while filing a complaint. You will be called in the school by phone within seven days. Your complaint will be resolved by listening to the management committee.


The school has its own library. In which children can sit and read in free time. Books are also given to them by the library. The librarian environment seems to be in harmony with children’s mind. They can easily use their free time

SMS Service

Many children mislead their parents. They stop at the school and do not come to school. Parents are not aware of this. The organization started the SMS service of attendance to solve the problem. If the children are absent in school, their information will be given on your mobile. To avail this service, DND should not be served on your mobile.